Be part of the MONEYLAND metaverse success and lead the biggest movement in Web 3 in which business projects of participants are created and users earn and increase their capital.

What are the goals for MONEYLAND ambassadors?

Why become a MONEYLAND ambassador?

The MONEYLAND Ambassador Program reviews and rewards contributions based on three (3) criteria:

Frequency: The quantity and regularity of your actions and how consistent they are in boosting awareness and driving engagement each month.

Impact: The quality and weight of your work as an ambassador. If your efforts result in a significant boost for MONEYLAND, your rewards and rank will rise over time.

Length: Ambassadors that consistently contribute effective inputs for months, quarters and years will receive more rewards and higher ranking.

What’s more, Ambassadors who add value and are on board for the long haul will be the first to be considered for full-time roles as core members of the MONEYLAND metaverse team.

MONEYLAND ambassador rankings:

Depending on your involvement and impact as a MONEYLAND ambassador, you will receive a different rank:

STUDENT: New and temporary members who have not been selected for permanent ambassadors, repost and like MONEYLAND posts, earn 500 MONELA per month.

ASSISTANT: New ambassadors, regular contributors, low impact, who already create their posts and content, attract new users, earn 2500 MONELA per month.

PROFESSIONAL: Original content designers with an in-depth understanding of the project, 6 months experience as a frequent contributor with moderate impact earn 4,000 MONELA per month.

GURU: Performs activities of Assistant and Professional + 12 months track record with high impact earn 6,000 MONELA per month.

MASTER: Attains the title Master; leads by example, including onboarding and guiding other ambassadors earn 8,000 MONELA per month.

Additional monthly rewards are available for the MONEYLAND Ambassador of the Month in the amount of 5,000 MONELA.

What Ambassadors are doing to develop the MONEYLAND project?

Social media engagement: Like, retweet, comment, share, post, discuss, engage with popular accounts, shill, upvote, clap, tags, and more!

Growth hacking: Unlock new audiences for MONEYLAND. Create excitement about the project in innovative ways. Identify and discover opportunities for MONEYLAND market expansion.

Design and media: Create videos, memes, infographics, GIFs, summaries, stickers, and other creative assets.

Connections: Including connections to media, trading communities, influencers, partners, and any other useful resources.

Content: Write short and long format posts about MONEYLAND, reviews, articles, thought leadership pieces, testimonials and other forms of original content.

Translate: MONEYLAND updates and messages to share with your local community.

Community management: Moderate MONEYLAND unofficial regional channels and groups in your native language (or another you are fluent in).

Events: Speak about MONEYLAND at events and online streams or even host one!

Application and selection process:

Fill out and submit the application form here. All ambassadors need to follow MONEYLAND on social media and have joined the telegram and discord groups before they start their collaboration.


If you are selected, MONEYLAND will notify you with onboarding instructions.

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