About the MONEYLAND Metaverse

The MONEYLAND Metaverse is based on the principles of complete decentralization and is built for all users who want to earn and grow rich by using our technologies increasing their capital. The MONEYLAND is a Business Metaverse that allows all users to create their own VR business in the land of MONEYLAND.
The MONEYLAND Metaverse is a Web3 platform for the development of various crypto projects that realize their potential in Metaverse using crypto technologies, and MONEYLAND users and consumers increase their capital.
The MONEYLAND Metaverse will systematically and gradually decentralize the management of the entire business development system for users and income generation. To do this, there will be a gradual transfer of control over MONEYLAND, to users who hold the MONELA (MNL) token in their wallets, these are MONEYLAND RESIDENTS.
The founders of MONEYLAND Business Metaverse, James Wilson and Mr. Gary Rogers, together with like-minded people, are taking part in the development of the MONEYLAND so that all users can freely earn money and do their business with the help of crypto technologies:
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James Wilson


Founder and developer of MONEYLAND Business Metaverse.

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Gary Rogers


Co-Founder and developer of MONEYLAND Business Metaverse.

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Mark Hall

Blockchain Developer

Co-Founder and Blockchain Developer of MONEYLAND Business Metaverse.

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Henry Butler

Smart Contract Developer

Co-Founder and Smart Contract Developer of MONEYLAND Business Metaverse.

Road Map

April, 2022
Start the MONEYLAND Metaverse
Development of the concept MONEYLAND Business Metaverse, market analysis. Creation of the MONELA (MNL) token on the Solana blockchain. Release of the first batch of token for Private Sale. MONELA (MNL) tokens will be released in stages according to their distribution schedule. Registration of users in the first projects of MONEYLAND Metaverse.
April, 2022
June - December, 2022
Development of VR platform MONEYLAND
Development of VR platform and Smart Contracts for the MONEYLAND Business Metaverse. Development and launch of the first projects by the user of MONEYLAND Metaverse. Sale of land for RESIDENTS MONEYLAND Metaverse. Creation by users of their projects in the MONEYLAND.
June - December, 2022
January - March, 2023
Release Demo VR platform MONEYLAND
Release demo the VR platform MONEYLAND Business Metaverse. Launch of DEX exchange, DeFi platform, NFT marketplace for the effective functioning of user business projects.
January - March, 2023
April - July, 2023
Launch of V1 the VR platform and decentralized management.
Launch of V1 the VR platform MONEYLAND Business Metaverse. Mass launch of User Business Projects in MONEYLAND Metaverse. Transition to stable income generation by Metaverse Residents. Transfer of decentralized management of MONEYLAND Metaverse to users. Creating users can their own metaverses compatible with VR/AR, desktop and mobile devices! This advantage provides unlimited opportunities for earning and scaling any business.
April - July, 2023