You can become part of the team that develops and launches the MONEYLAND Business Metaverse

We need competent team members who want to create a Business Metaverse so that all users can freely earn money and run their business using crypto technologies in the VR space.
We want many people in the world to be able to access crypto technologies. And even those people who do not understand anything about cryptography could easily create or bring their business to the VR space MONEYLAND Metaverse in order to receive coins, make transactions on the blockchain network, earn profit in crypto projects, etc.
Therefore, we make accessible to everyone the MONEYLAND Business Metaverse and a convenient and simple user interface for to any user.
Many members of the MONEYLAND Metaverse team are collaborating remotely which is good because we have people all over the world we work using Keybase, GitHub and Zoom services. So join the team and make the future with us.
First of all, we invite – Blockchain Developers, Smart Contract Developers, Rust Programmers, Software Engineer.
We invite technically gifted programmers to expand our team of cryptographers and engineers building our blockchain and smart platform. We have a focus on easy to use software across architectures and operating systems. You should have strong algorithmic skills. Cryptography experience is a plus but not required.
We also invite marketers and PR specialists and all interested people who are eager to create a new revolutionary product for all people on earth.
You are welcome if you have knowledge and experience in the marketing development of any Internet projects or you have your own project and want to cooperate in order to achieve great success together. Also, if you are a gifted and successful copywriter, we will be glad to see you too, come to the team.
If you are interested in becoming a team member, please send your resume and cover letter to Please include the position you are applying for in the subject line and include anything further required for a specific job application..

You can also register in the QUALIFIED PERSONNEL DATABASE project, which is designed to search for jobs and cooperate in the development of various crypto projects.

QPDB (qpdb – qualified personnel database) is a registry of qualified IT & Blockchain industry personnel, as well as a registry of various specialists necessary for any business (IT & Blockchain developers, any programmers, marketers, Influencers, designers, managers, traders, financiers, lawyers, etc. .). If you are a specialist who is needed now in the market, then register in qpdb and receive orders for your services or receive vacancies from companies that develop their projects in the MONEYLAND Metaverse. Each specialist profile contains detailed information about the specialist’s qualifications. Access to this information is only available to MONEYLAND Metaverse Residents who are looking for specialists to grow their business.
In general, no matter who you are, and if you know how to do something useful for the development of any business, then register and earn money. Registration in the database is free. Also, for a completed profile, users receive bonuses, AirDrop to their wallet in the amount of 50 MONELA (MNL) token.