Features of the MONELA (MNL) token


is a utility token

100 000 000 (MNL)

Total emission for the entire cycle
The MONELA (MNL) = $ 0.1
The MONELA (MNL) token is a utility token that is used as a means of payment in the Business Projects of the MONEYLAND metaverse as well as on the DeFi protocol and the NFT marketplace. Flexible Staking rewards a Residents Metaverse the MNL tokens. Locked staking will reap higher rewards + NFT and MNL drops. We intend to support a governance model that allows the community to vote on initiatives and proposals.

You can check the issue and distribution of the MONELA token on the official Solana resources:

The MONELA token contract on Solscan.io:
Every trade on Solana. Real-time. The Bird is watching the chain!

The MONELA (MNL) tokens will be released in stages according to their distribution schedule

MONELA Distribution (MNL) in %
The MONELA (MNL) token official price = $0.1
In the future, these NFT cubes can be transformed into any object in the MONEYLAND metaverse, which will continually earn you MONELA tokens.
The Round Private Sale is held in three stages with different price and sales volume:
$ 910,000
Private Sale 1 – END
$ 0.03
$ 30,000 – RECEIVED
Private Sale 2 – OPEN
$ 0.05
$ 250,000
Private Sale 3
$ 0.07
$ 630,000
Round Private Sale 2 is OPEN. Be first. Hurry up to get the MONELA token at the minimum price of $0.05.
GIFT! When you buy 2000 MONELA, you get an NFT – LAND base block of the MONEYLAND metaverse as a gift with an initial cost of $500. This is a large NFT cube, which consists of small transformer cubes. Inside the cube, there is a gift cube containing coins (Monela, Solana, Bitcoin).
If you want to get 100 MONELA token for free, then subscribe to the social networks MONEYLAND Metaverse. In October 2022, an AirDrop of the token MONELA will be made for the first 1000 users.
Get 100 MONELA token for free via AirDrop:

Registration is open until 09/15/2022